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Crane Lust Sinful Seven No. 3

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Emmaile Pin - Crane Lust Sinful Seven No. 3 [Handmade].

NIKUYOKU! Or lust, the third sin.

The Japanese-inspired Sinful Seven is our heart's project, many wonderful collaborators have conjured it up with us.

5 colours / approx. 1.6 x 2.5 inches (approx. 4,5 x 6,5 cm)
Embossed back (double pin rubberback)

Supplied on double-sided backing card.

Each Sinful Seven comes optionally with the matching minipin, please just tell us which colour version you would like to have, otherwise we will surprise you :)
There are also different colour versions and B-Grade sets!

The environment is VERY important to us, so we try to recycle / reuse as much packaging as possible!

SECONDS: Seconds or also called B-Grades are pins that came into the world with small blemishes. These can include scratches, under or overfilled enamel, small air bubbles / dust inclusions, rough coating on the gold rim or less than perfect polish. At first, this sounds worse than it actually is! Many collectors want perfect A-Grade pins, but we guarantee that all Seconds are lovable and wearable :) No exchanges / refunds apply to Second Pins.

C-Grades: With more visible flaws, but at a super reduced price and still perfect to wear on your backpack. No exchange/refund

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