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Suncatcher Decal - The Moon Tarot - Rainbow Lights

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Suncatcher Decal

Reach for the stars and catch the sun!
When the sun hits the Suncatcher, expect a magical pinwheel of light in over 48 colours,
that dances across your room, hall or castle as the sun moves.

Suncatcher Decals are best placed on freshly cleaned windows.
Make sure the sun's rays hit your window with the Suncatcher and enjoy the walking rainbow glow.

Our Suncatchers are reusable, which means you can remove and reapply the decal.
However, we advise you not to do this too often, because foil that is nibbled will show signs of wear in the long run :)

The motif:
"The Moon" Great Arcana.
Astrology: Pisces

Don't be afraid of all your facets, be open for new things and dare the journey into the unconscious.

Suncatcher Decal "The Sun" is 3.25 x 4.5. in. (8,3 x 12 cm)


Processing time is 1 - 5 days.

Shipping (in days):
1 - 5 Germany
5 - 14 EU
14 - 45 International (outside EU)

Due to the pandemic times may vary!