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Catachi Swordfighter Cat

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Enamel Pin - Catachi Swordfighter Cat in Day, Night and Yokai versions! [Handmade][A-GRADE]

We have a new Ninja aCATemy graduate on the team!
Catachi specialises in the Kodachi ("small thick sword, thick short sword") sword and sleep arts.
Thanks to intensive clicker training and extensive naps, Catachi-Cat has become a master of his craft!

Catachi Swordfighter Cat is handmade.
Gold + 5 colours / approx. 1.1 x 1.5 inches (3.0 x 3.9 cm)
Embossed back (double pin rubberback)

Supplied on double sided printed backing card.

Are you adopting your favourite colour or all 3? Yes, we also offer a set :)

The environment is VERY important to us, so we try to recycle/reuse as much packaging as possible and avoid unnecessary plastic use.
and avoid unnecessary use of plastic!

Standard Pins: Are almost perfect! As each pin is handmade, there may still be minimal blemishes such as a subtle scratch, a tiny speck of dust or an imperfection on the side or back. But these blemishes can only be spotted at a certain angle and up close. We check every pin very meticulously, so be sure that you get the best pin quality with this choice :)

SECONDS: Seconds or also called B-Grades are pins that came into the world with small blemishes. These can include scratches, under or overfilled enamel, small air bubbles / dust inclusions, rough coating on the gold rim or less than perfect polish. At first, this sounds worse than it actually is! Many collectors want perfect A-Grade pins, but we guarantee that all Seconds are lovable and wearable :) No exchanges / refunds apply to Second Pins.

C-Grades: With more visible flaws, but at a super reduced price and still perfect to wear on your backpack. No exchange/refund

SHIPPING: All orders are shipped with tracking number!

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Due to the pandemic times may vary!