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Catsune Ninja Cat Moonlight Version

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Enamel Pin - Catsune Ninja Cat Moonlight Version in White / Blue [Handmade][A-GRADE].

Suddenly: smoke bomb! Where did that come from? Is someone there?
A new companion appears in the ninja sky, it's the brave Catsune Cat!
Thanks to years of video game experience, Nincatsu's secret techniques have finally been mastered.

Now he is ready for his most important task: watching over his new owner and his loved ones.

Catsune Ninja Cat is handmade.
Gold + 3 colours / approx. 1,4 x 1,6 inch (3,4 x 4,1 cm)
Embossed back (double pin rubberback)

Comes on double sided printed backing card.

This is a pin! In the gallery you can also find collections and sets, but here you only buy 1 Catsune Pin :)

The environment is VERY important to us, so we try to recycle / reuse as much packaging as possible and avoid unnecessary plastic consumption!

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