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3 or 5 random Emmaile pins from our entire collection (except Mini Pins)! [Handmade][B-C GRADE or SECONDS*]

Are you a real adventurer and love danger?
If a bit of goosebumps, some thrills and a dash of surprise are just your thing,
you should follow this hot lead:


Be surprised with the Mystery Pins package and get 3 or 5 randomly selected B or C grade pins from our medium to big range! (no mini pins)
We don't duplicate pins and if you already own pins from us, please let us know in your order.

We may sometimes even sneak in some very special new additions, well... who knows for sure? After all, it's top secret!


If you already own some of our shiny pins, you can always write us a message, we will avoid to pack pins you've already got.

*SECONDS: Seconds or also called B-Grades are pins that came into the world with small blemishes. These can include scratches, under- or overfilled enamel, small air bubbles / dust inclusions, rough coating on the gold rim or less than perfect polish. At first, this sounds worse than it actually is! Many collectors want perfect A-Grade pins, but we guarantee that all Seconds are lovable and wearable :) No exchanges / refunds apply to Second Pins.

The environment is VERY important to us, so we try to recycle / reuse as much packaging as possible!

SHIPPING: All orders are shipped with tracking number!


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Processing time is 1 - 5 days.

Shipping (in days):
1 - 5 Germany
5 - 14 EU
14 - 45 International (outside EU)

Due to the pandemic times may vary!